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What you'll learn

All kids can learn math. But some students struggle even with the best instruction. As a teacher, it can feel like you're doing everything you can to help, but some students still don’t progress.

In this on-demand video course, you will learn about the top 5 challenges that prevent students from learning math: Calculation, visual processing, executive functioning, anxiety, and cognitive overload. 

For each learning challenge you will get:

  1. An understanding of what the challenge looks like in the classroom and how it impacts students' ability to do math
  2. Three powerful teaching strategies, interventions, and accommodations to help students overcome the challenge

Using classroom-based teaching examples, Dr. Adena Young will show you how and when to apply each teaching strategy to your own curriculum so you can start reaching students right away.

Challenge #1: Calculation

Calculation challenges are a key difficulty for students with dyscalculia and other math learning disabilities, as well as for students who just haven't learned their math facts.

Learn why students struggle when they don’t have math fact fluency and automaticity, and learn three easy ways to help them accommodate these calculation challenges so students can solve math problems with ease.


Challenge #2: Visual Processing

Many students with math learning disabilities experience visual processing challenges that prevent them from "seeing" the mathematical concepts represented in symbols, equations, graphs, and figures.

Learn what it’s like to be a math student with a visual processing delay, and learn three unique ways to help students transform what looks like visual gibberish into math concepts that make sense.


Challenge #3: Executive Functioning

Executive functioning challenges such as difficulties with self-regulation and mental organization are common among students with ADHD and autism, and also impact students who haven't had the time or opportunities to develop these cognitive skills.

Learn why students struggle with math when they are unable to organize, regulate, and control their thoughts and actions, and learn three ways to help them fully engage their math brains so they can reach their full learning potential.


Challenge #4: Anxiety

Many students experience anxiety in math, whether it's a symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, a by-product of a math disability or learning challenge, or the result of social or academic fears.

Learn how anxiety blocks math learning and prevents students from doing their best work, and learn three strategies to help students feel calm and confident in math and create a learning environment in which all students thrive.


Challenge #5: Cognitive Overload

Students with math learning challenges have to work harder than their peers to learn and do math, and can easily burn out and shut down due to mental exhaustion.

Learn how, when, and why struggling math students hit cognitive overload when they're doing math, and learn three ways to create learning experiences that keep students energized and engaged.


Featured instructor

Adena Young, Ph.D.

Dr. Adena Young is a licensed educational psychologist and credentialed school psychologist who believes in creating positive and meaningful math learning experiences for all students. 

Drawing on her dual backgrounds in math education and educational psychology, she has created unique interventions for struggling math students to help them overcome their learning challenges and become successful math learners.


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invited talks


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Including work with:

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  • Association of Educational Therapists
  • American Psychological Association
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Adena's clients love her work

Maureen Ray

5th Grade Teacher

"If you are a teacher who believes that every child can learn, but that you may not have found the right path forward with that child *yet* -- then working with Adena will enhance your practice."

Carwai Seto

8th Grade Math Teacher

"I have been given tools and practices that not only benefit those with learning challenges, but that improve instruction and learning for all students.  I am now better able to serve the diverse set of learners that pass through my classroom."

Sasha Johnson

6th Grade Math Teacher

"My students say, 'That’s it? Oh wow, that’s easy. I get it now!'  To see students explore math and find enjoyment in learning is what I’ve always wanted most for them."

Start reaching all your students today

Only $47 for a limited time

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